Visiting a church for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience.

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help make a visit to Busselton Adventist Church that little bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning to come to our Church program on Saturday mornings, Sabbath School opens at 9:30am and our combined program begins at 11:00. We have plenty of parking space on our tranquil campus. Our Welcome Team are ready to greet visitors from 9:30am onwards, so we would love to see you next Sabbath.

It’s hard to give an exact time, as our song and talk lengths can vary from week to week, but our services generally last 60-80 minutes, however we’d love you to stick around longer for refreshments so we can get to know you (and so you can get to know us!)

Our pastors preach from the Bible. This means we open up the Bible every talk, hear it read. Any particular week you can hear different speakers talk on different topics. Every so often we have a guest preacher who might give a talk outside of our regular preaching series.

After the program there are refreshments or lunches that you are able to come to.

From its inception Sabbath School has focused on four emphases that are still prominent to this day: fellowship, community outreach, Bible study, and foreign mission. A solid balance of these elements characterizes the most vital Sabbath Schools around the world.

Sabbath School is one of the most important parts of Sabbath. It gives us the opportunity for fellowship, mission understanding, outreach and one of the greatest parts, Bible study and discussion. What a privilege to be able to study our Bible using the Bible Study Guide in a small group setting. Make the wonderful biblical instructions practical for our spiritual experience the next week.

Absolutely! We have many families attending Busselton Adventist Church. Each Sabbath morning there are Kids Bible Study from 9:30am and runs for just over an hour. Unsure where to take your children when you arrive? Just look for a Welcome Team member and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction!

These Sabbath Schools have different age groups that they are catered for. Age groups from 0-2 for our Beginners, 3-4 for our Kindy, 5-9 Primary, 10-12 Juniors, 13-14 for Early Teens and then youth are 15+. Each age group have programs specifically crafted for them.

Our Safety Plan requires you to sign in and sign out your kids for their safety and your comfort.


If you have any questions ask if you can speak to one of the leadership team—the pastor or one of the elders. Or just start with someone who looks friendly! We are happy to try and answer your questions.


Every week we give our regular attenders the opportunity to support a variety of causes. It’s not required or expected that you give a donation, especially if you’re visiting us for the first time. However if you feel moved you are more then welcome to donate.